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We offer customisations for all of our products and supply any of the materials that are used in our products. 
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Our R&D team brings a new heat transfer collection for fashion brands which is exclusive in the market. This collection utilizes various techniques and a wide range of best-quality materials to create a creative and luxurious look with detailed finishings. The combination of materials allows you to express your brand personality freely and boost your brand image. Contact us to inquire about how your design can be recreated through different materials!

Apart from the heat transfer, we also supply all types of material that our products use, allowing you to craft your own printing.


We at Shenzhen Liantai.Co., Ltd are a professional and seasoned manufacturer established in 2004 in Shenzhen. We specialize in customizing heat transfer printings and patches, embroidery patches, rub-on stickers, tattoo stickers and nail stickers.



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