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We offer customisations for all of our products and supply any of the materials that are used in our products. 
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Our in-house R&D team has upgraded the common flock heat transfer vinyl (HTV) with multiple layers of the flock HTV and combined it with the materials of rhinestones and PU. It offers more exquisite 3D details and optional sparkling effect, which makes them exclusive in the market. The heat transfer gives a soft and velvety texture, the best fit for boutiques. The flock material we apply are the best quality which has high-density fibres, excellent stretchability, vibrant and long-lasting colours. 


We at Shenzhen Liantai.Co., Ltd are a professional and seasoned manufacturer established in 2004 in Shenzhen. We specialize in customizing heat transfer printings and patches, embroidery patches, rub-on stickers, tattoo stickers and nail stickers.



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